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Campbellsville Industries, Inc.

Campbellsville Industries, Inc. has over 17,000 installations located throughout the world. Their product line includes not only steeples, but also: balustrades, picket railing, baptistries, bulletin boards, clocks, cupolas, columns, cornices, crosses, domes, finials, louvers, towers, urns, and weathervanes. For this reason, the company has been nicknamed "The Steeple People.....PLUS!” Long concerned by the continuing loss of America’s architectural heritage, Campbellsville provide many historical projects and have worked with the design community and counties across that United States to restore the clock towers.

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Sharon Stairs

In today's construction marketplace, manufacturers of building products must provide efficiently designed solutions, the highest quality components, and economic value within an increasing array of building code mandates and safety regulations. Worthington Metal Fabricators, formerly Sharon Stairs, has been meeting these challenges for decades through our pioneered Drop-In™ Stair system design. The sensible choice for hotels, motels, arenas, stadiums, schools, government buildings and other commercial construction, this universally recognized solution to conventional site built stairways affords exceptional value, overall lower costs, and improved installation lead times while complying with all Federal, State and Local building codes.

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PBI Supply, Inc.

PBI Supply, Inc. is a custom fabricator of pre-engineered metal building insulation and a distributor of other products and insulation systems related to the metal building industry. With a reputation that been built meticulously since the company’s beginning in 1992, PBI Supply and its sister company, Selle Supply, comprise the largest regional metal building insulation laminator in the country. PBI Supply takes great pride in its long history of quality, customer service, integrity in business dealings, and long-term business relationships with customers and vendors. The expertise of its employees and independent sales representatives is unmatched in the industry.